Current Artist Minigrants

Spring 2020

Jakob Cansler

A Study in Singaporean and Australian Theatre

I am proposing to use the Artist’s Minigrant provided by Miller Arts Scholars to see five theatrical productions in both Singapore and Australia in April and May, respectively.

Adam Cooper

Experimental Music Project (The Cello and Beyond): A Continuation

I am asking for new music production equipment. Each of these items will be used to expand my capacities as a musician to explore new, experimental music with my cello.

Brent Davis

Strings and Bow Enhancement Fund

I am requesting a minigrant to fund a professional set of strings, the upgrade of the metal winding on my bow, and a professional bow re-hair for my cello to be used in my studies through practicing, rehearsing, and performing.

Tina Hashemi

Continuing Professional Music Development

I am applying for a MAS Minigrant to purchase self promotional materials, equipment, and to further my musical development.

Emma Hitchcock

Improving Graphic Capabilities: Adobe Cloud Subscription

A one-year subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud would help me enhance my passion for digital art. I would be able to use it to improve my designs within the Cavalier Daily, Miller Arts, and for my personal use.

Margaret Kim

Adding Bones to Sculptures of Biologically Possible Alien Organisms

With the funding of this minigrant, I will be able to create larger sculptures with more detail and realism. With these sculpting supplies and accessories, I would continue to develop and explore new concepts, techniques, and approaches to sculpture.

Payton Moledor

Headshots: The Actor's Calling Card

I am applying to fund new headshots to carry into my first year-round audition season. My headshots are majorly outdated, and for this reason I need to take new photos before entering my next audition season.

Kiana Pilson

Enhancing Dance Through Music

I am applying for a Miller Arts Minigrant to purchase, learn to play, and eventually compose with an acoustic guitar. My hope is to use what I have learned through UVA’s dance program and what I will learn through an active engagement in UVA’s music department to compose a non-traditional dance/guitar piece before I graduate.

Isabella Ullmann

Fund for New York Theater Festival and Future Submission Process Project Summary

As an aspiring playwright, a crucial part of this journey is having my work produced for an audience. I wish to do this through participating in theater festivals, and am requesting funds for both the current festival I was accepted to as well as online resources to submit in the future.

Salem Zelalem

Poetry Books

With a minigrant, I would be able to purchase and read approximately thirty additional poetry books. This would be an opportunity to innovate in my own poetics, transforming the ways I think about form and language.

Zohar (Zoe) Ziff

Attending FLUX Summer Intensive in Madrid, Spain

I am applying to obtain funding for the FLUX Summer Intensive, a four-day dance workshop in Madrid, Spain that offers classes in Gaga and the chance to study repertoire from internationally-acclaimed choreographers Noa Zuk, Ohad Fishof, Seth Buckley, and Carlos González.

Fall 2020

Jakob Cansler

A Pre-Postgraduate Reading List

Using this minigrant, I plan to purchase a whole assortment of recommended books on directing for the stage, working with actors, script analysis, and theatre in general. My goal is to read at least two of these books per month to help me gain a deeper understanding of directing and the theatre industry at-large.

Brent Davis

Music Resource Fund

I am requesting a minigrant to fund the acquisition of a series of music resources, including a carbon fiber bow, a recording microphone, a professional music stand, new higher-quality rosin, a stand light, and sheet music, to be used not only in my studies through practicing, rehearsing, and performing, but also for navigating the necessary changes for musicians during the pandemic.

Tina Hashemi

Preparing for a DMP Recital

I am applying for a MAS Minigrant to fund virtual voice lessons with Danielle Wertz in preparation for my Distinguished Major Recital next spring. Last spring, I used a minigrant to begin studying with Danielle, and studying with her has been pivotal in my development as a singer. With her help, I have been able to work on honing my vocal technique through a new vocal method that prioritizes the natural sound we produce to lead out a more effortless sound.

Emma Hitchcock

Art Supplies for 3rd-year Painting Major

As a studio art student, I’ve grown to love exploring with different mediums. This semester I am taking Intermediate Oil Painting and am planning on specializing in Painting for my Studio major. I enjoy being an oil painting student, but the cost of supplies can sometimes be overwhelming. In my paintings I like to experiment with geometric shapes and lines. Recently, my favorite way to do this is by drawing with paint markers on top of my work. I began experimenting with paint pens at the beginning of quarantine and have loved working with them, however I have used almost all of them up. I would like to get a full set of colors so that I can continue working with this medium.

Margaret Kim

Artist Website and Materials for Sculptures of Biologically Possible Alien Organisms

With the minigrant, I will create a Squarespace website with curated sculpture photos, my biography, links to social media, CV/resume, and my professional contact information. I am also requesting a minigrant to fund consumable supplies that will allow me to continue creating art. Many of the sculpting material I use are not readily available to students. For example, I use a very specific type of polymer clay, resin, and a mixture of glitter, rhinestones, and artificial pearls. While individual materials, except the polymer clay and resin, are not costly in themselves, I found that they add up very quickly, which impedes my ability to continue creating art.

Kyara Måhlén

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”- Ansel Adams

I am looking to turn the storage room in my basement into a darkroom so I could learn how to develop my own photography. This semester I couldn’t make it back to Charlottesville, so I had to drop all of my art classes, one of those classes being Introduction to Photography (for my studio art minor). I want to start exploring photography separate from the instant gratification of my iPhone’s perfect picture quality. I’ve been thinking a lot about rebuilding and overall patience because of the nature of our world’s chaos recently, and I wonder what it’s like to cultivate patience through photography.

Michael McNulty

Fund for Musical Enrichment

In order to best prepare me for a career in music, one of the most important things I can be doing right now is talking to and learning from a variety of professionals already in the field to get different perspectives on how to best improve my playing and my craft. In order to do this, I am hoping to use MAS funds to take lessons with a variety of musicians this winter break.

Claire Murphy

A Rotation in Filmmaking

For this project, I would create six short films, each with a different focus. The pieces would be a narrative short, a music video, a short “artist in the studio” documentary, a dance short, a fashion piece, and an action documentary, specifically on surfing. In each of the shorts I would be collaborating with other college students and recent graduates.

Lauren Schmidt

Viola Performance Enhancement Funding Proposal

I am asking for a Miller Arts minigrant to fund the purchase of a new viola shoulder rest and rosin, as well as partially fund the purchase of a new viola bow so that I can further my progress on this instrument.

Benjamin Trombetta

Connecting with Local Students through Trumpet

In order to be a more effective practice partner, I am requesting $500 to purchase a new trumpet, in consultation with a local Charlottesville music store. In turn, I believe rediscovering my passion for trumpet will benefit my own musical literacy and application-based skills, and allow me to connect with students in the Charlottesville community in a unique way.

Isabella Ullmann

Funds to Apply to Scriptwriting Competitions

After researching a variety of scriptwriting competitions, I have decided on six programs that will provide the most feedback and potential to connect with members of the TV industry. I am requesting a minigrant from Miller Arts Scholars in order to pay for the entry fees of these competitions.

Elizabeth (Liza) Wimbish

Darkroom Exploration

I am requesting a Fall 2020 Mini-Grant that would aid me in purchasing black and white film for the 4x5 camera, 8x10 inch photographic paper, and 11x14 inch photographic paper so that I can continue rigorous explorations in the darkroom without being hindered by the cost of materials.

Zohar (Zoe) Ziff

Creating Dance On-Screen

I am applying to obtain funding for materials that would allow me to pursue screendance further and enhance my creations within this medium. With these tools, I would be better equipped to create screendance for my current and future academic courses and add films of professional caliber to my portfolio as a dance artist.

Karen Zipor

Funding to Submit to Film Festivals

I am seeking funding to cover the application costs of submitting my short film, “All That Grief,” to student film festivals. It’s a personal, documentary-style account of being a person in theater looking at the magic put on a stage from the past. In addition, I use a musical theater song that is essential to the plot of my short film, so I will additionally need to purchase the song rights. I expect the song not to cost an unreasonable amount, as I am a small, independent creator with no intention of profiting off the film.

Fall 2019

Kate Bollinger

“No Other Like You” Music Video Fund

I have countless video ideas and have plans to co-direct a video with a friend of mine, Bridget Hamel, who does creative direction and styling, but don’t have the funding to properly compensate a videographer for their work. For my minigrant, I am proposing access to a music video fund that will cover the costs of a music video for my upcoming single, “No Other Like You”.

Emily Buckley

Flute and Electronics

My goal is to produce an album featuring the unique combination of flute and electronic sounds. An essential feature of the home production studio is monitor speakers to allow me to hear the finer details of the mix with greater precision.

Jakob Cansler

Directing a Staged Reading

I want to continue gaining experience with directing this semester in two parts. First, I want to expand my exposure to plays by ordering and reading eighteen scripts, so that I will have more knowledge of the theatre canon, and also so that I will own those plays should I need copies of them in the future. When looking for plays to purchase, I specifically sought out plays that I could possibly see myself directing in the future, so having knowledge of these plays will be even more useful as I continue my studies and eventually start a career in directing.

Adam Cooper

Experimental Music Project (The Cello and Beyond), a continuation

I am hoping to continue to expand the work I am currently doing in regards to combining my passion for cello with electronic music. The equipment I received from the Rising 3rd Year Grant has been absolutely incredible, but I realize that certain, new pieces would be incredibly helpful for creating a more productive workflow.

Imani Edwards

Summer Festival Audition Fund

I am hoping to use this grant to finance my auditions, including application fees and other expenses such as hiring a videographer, for a number of summer festivals on the viola. Preparing for these auditions requires a level of focus and dedication that will be in itself extremely beneficial to the development of my confidence in playing the viola, as my primary instrument is the violin. The high-quality application materials I would be able to produce with the help of this mini-grant would allow me to present the best audition possible and increase my chances of being selected to attend one of these programs, which would further help me develop my skills as a violist.

Tina Hashemi

Attending the Jazz Education Network Conference

I am applying for a MAS Minigrant to attend the Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana this coming winter from January 7th to January 10th. This conference, held in the birthplace of jazz, offers vocal jazz and improvisation clinics, networking opportunities, presentations about the jazz industry and research, masterclasses, and top-tier jazz performances.

Margaret Kim

Adding Color to Sculptures of Biologically Possible Alien Organisms

I am requesting a mini grant to fund an airbrush, along with an air compressor, paints and inks to be used with the airbrush, pigments, airbrush cleaning tools, and few other consumable sculpting materials.

Cordelaine Klyne

BalletNova Open Class

I would like, over the course of winter break, to alleviate this period of lethargy by attending open classes at BalletNova Center for Dance, which offers classes at the appropriate age and skill level during this time. The opportunity to study under new instructors often results in exposure to new techniques and imagery that help with technique, artistry, and quality. I plan to take a number of pointe, jazz, and/or musical theatre classes.

Payton Moledor

A Study of the British Theatre: West End to Shakespeare and Beyond

I am applying to the Artist Mini Grant to pay for tickets to attend 16 diverse plays and musicals over the course of three months of research in London. I will be attending these shows during the months of October, November, and December. These 16 shows represent a diverse selection of theatre, and each production will teach me something else about the kind of theatre I want to create and the type of actor I want to be.

Ava Reynolds

Screen Printing Studio Space

I’m applying for an Artist Minigrant to develop a screen printing studio space to further the screen printing skills I learned this past summer. I was only able to create two small prints in the workshop I attended, and I would like to work with larger screens using more colors and layering techniques. If awarded, I would use the grant to purchase functioning silkscreens, screen printing inks, and other subsequent supplies like squeegees, squeegee holders, photo emulsion paste, printing paper etc.

Veronica Seguin

Headshot Proposal

I will take a headshot photoshoot in line with my newly discovered TriForce from Stella Adler. After meeting with an agent at Stella, I determined my TriForce (see description above in Proposal Abstract) and am ready to design a photo shoot in line with its aesthetic. Essentially, the agent delivered 3-4 ideal projects he could see us getting cast in, and our job was to discover who casts those projects, how to reach them, and how their agencies are rated.

Maile-Rose Smith

Dramatic Development and Skill Strengthening

In seeking professional acting opportunities, I often use Backstage to find and apply for film and television roles. By purchasing the domain name, I can enhance my applications for roles in film, TV, and theatre; steer casting directors toward my full resume and videos of my monologues and demo reels; and more effectively promote myself as an artist.

Lyla Ward

Capturing Queerness on Black and White Reversal Film

Over the summer I lived in New York and interned at New York City Players with the aid of my Third Year Award. Outside of my internship, I attended various drag and queer theater performances, as well as LGBTQIA+ focused art exhibitions. Those experiences inspired and informed my current plan to make a collage style short film focused on the queer style aesthetics and queer party spaces of UVA. I plan to shoot this film observationally with my DSLR camera as well as the art department’s 16mm cameras beginning in mid November and wrapping sometime in February/March of 2020. I plan to edit in March and April and exhibit the film at the WXTJ student radio art show in late spring 2020.

Kia Wassenaar

Scenes in Print

Combining my interest in new media and knowledge of the Adobe Suite with this newfound interest in photography, I have produced a number of vibrant, otherworldly images which I would like to reproduce in the form of high quality color prints. The process of color printing is very expensive, but would enable me to submit these works to galleries and other contests in the Charlottesville area.

Isabella Whitfield

Paper Sculptures: A Continuation

For my mini grant proposal, I would like to attend the one-day Sculptural Flax workshop at Carriage House Paper. By attending this workshop, I will increase my knowledge of using paper as a sculptural material, incorporating nylon stocking armatures and high shrinkage unbleached flax.

Elizabeth (Liza) Wimbish

Camera Upgrade

I am requesting a Miller Arts Scholars Minigrant to purchase a 6x7 Medium Format Camera, a 6x7 negative carrier for my enlarger, and black and white 120 format film. After considering my history with photography this far, I think this camera would be a good equilibrium between the TLR I was exposed to and the 35mm camera I used priorly; because of this, working with this camera would be an asset in furthering my work.

Zohar (Zoe) Ziff

GagaLab in Tel Aviv, Israel Over Winter Break

Gaga is a movement language developed by Batsheva Dance Company and its artistic director Ohad Naharin. Rather than use mirrors to direct dance through shape, Gaga encourages students to improvise based on imagery and somatic experiences while following an instructor. I have taken Gaga classes and workshops before.

Spring 2019

Kate Bollinger

Merchandise & Resources Fund

For my minigrant, I am proposing access to a fund for merchandise, which will cover the cost to order the totes, shirts, stickers, etc., and the cost of the artist’s time and work. The rest of the fund, after the initial merchandise order and artist payout, will go toward paying future artists for their work and future re-orders of merchandise.

Jakob Cansler

Hans Garbo and an Introduction into Film Directing

I am applying for funding to cover costumes and props as well as equipment that would otherwise not be affordable. I also intend to purchase a subscription to Masterclass, which provides online video masterclasses from industry professionals in various fields.

Savannah Edwards

Directorial Growth

I am proposing a minigrant project to help me gain more experience as a theatre and film director through a combination of observation, instruction, and practice.

Tina Hashemi

Continuing the Development of a Jazz Portfolio

I hope to spend this semester continuing to develop my portfolio by purchasing a recording device that I can use to record my performances as well as a year-long subscription to squarespace to maintain my website, to which I will upload the recordings. This project is of exceptional importance to me in my development as a professional musician since high quality sound recordings will allow me to represent my best self to bookers and others in the jazz scene.

Payton Moledor

Tap Shoes: For Summer Theatre and Beyond

I am applying to the Artist Mini Grant to purchase a pair of LaDuca Roxie Hard Sole Tap Shoes and a pair of Capezio FlexMaster Tap Shoes. A quality pair of split-sole tap shoes will allow me to work on more intricate and complicated tap dancing, while a pair of LaDuca high-heel shoes that meet industry standards will be invaluable for performing as and auditioning for almost every tap-heavy female character in the musical theatre cannon, such as the one I will be portraying in Newsies this summer.

Veronica Seguin

Actor Enrichment Initiative

In applying for this mini grant, I seek funding for a general dusting of enrichment across my acting career. In a world that relies progressively more upon technology by the day, I endeavor to apply the notion of digital presence to my growing acting career by purchasing the domain and subsequently hosting that website through WordPress. In the realm of Musical Theatre enrichment, I hope to purchase a longer-lasting and better-quality pair of character shoes from LaDuca Shoes for dancing in anticipated summer and future productions.

Anna Warner

Images, Still and Moving

The project I am proposing is three short films in cinematography by the end of the semester through which I can explore the medium specificity of film. My three films will be shot on color negative 16mm film using Bolexes, and they will be scanned and edited digitally. Through a semester of planning, writing, buying costumes, constructing sets, filming, recording sound, and editing, I hope to learn more about this medium and also how I can also apply it to strengthen my Studio Art major concentration of photography.