Current Artist Minigrants

Spring 2024

Carly Ault

Realizing My Dad and I’s Relationship through Color Large Format Film

I’ve grown up surrounded by my Dad’s work, and only since coming to college have I realized the influence he has had on my creative process and drive to make something out of nothing. He is primarily a welder, and makes sculptures for fun, but also built my house and a dock for our river access. In the same way I am inspired by his work, I have realized that our creative projects have also become our main form of communication. By photographing my dad, his sculptural work, and built environment with the large format camera, I am able to both work alongside him and visually depict how I see him with my own physical practice.

Jesper Braley

Starting an Indie Animation Studio

By the end of this spring semester, I am planning on forming an indie animation studio with my friends. We plan on producing a full animated short by the end of this year, with our pre-production (script writing, character design, storyboarding, and visual development) finished and available for display before the end of the Spring 2024 semester. To assist with communication as well as provide a way to record voice clips for our characters, I am requesting a headset with an attached microphone. Additionally, the main program I use to animate and draw—Clip Studio Paint—requires an annual payment of $71.99. As we are going to produce our own musical score, I am also requesting a talkbox to give our soundtrack a more unique sound.

Alex Burijon

Guitar Purchase Proposal

A new guitar would be crucial both for my personal growth as an artist as well as for my journey with my DMP. Securing funding for a new guitar would not only enhance my ability to engage more fully in public performances and arts activities, but also enable me to effectively perform parts of my DMP in my final semester at UVa. This investment would significantly contribute to my academic and artistic development, and I am confident that it will enrich the broader arts community here.

Hunter Colson

External Hard Drive and Production Tools

I am applying for a minigrant to fund an external hard drive to store my growing portfolio of compositions. I am also applying for funds to purchase two items for my composition and production work. First, I would like to purchase a pedal to be used with my KeyLab Essential 61 mk3 MIDI. A pedal will allow me more options to experiment with when composing my music with my MIDI keyboard. I selected the Roland DP-10 because it has good ratings and comes highly recommended, particularly for the KeyLab keyboard that I have. Second, I would like to purchase an audio interface, which is used to mix music and will allow me to introduce synths and other effects into my compositions.

Zoe Edelman

Funding an Arts Trip to New York City

As a current student of Introduction to Cinematography II, I am planning to join my class on a trip to New York City. This trip is from March 28th to March 31st of 2024. While I have not been provided with an exact itinerary yet, the current plan is to drive up on the 28th and back on the 31st. On Friday the 29th we are going to go to the Whitney Biennial to view the new exhibitions, as well as meet some of the artists. On the 30th we have plans to meet more artists and go visit their studios and speak with them about their works. As part of this trip my class is staying at an Airbnb in New Jersey. I am requesting this minigrant to help support this trip by paying for my stay at the Airbnb and some additional fees to get in and out of the city.

Rachel Guo

Expanding Horizons: Bringing the Written Word to Film and Music

This semester, I’d like to apply the mini-grant for a project I’m working on a project that involves making book trailers for the stories I write. In essence, its combining music, writing, and filmmaking into a multi-media project that extends beyond the page. To do this, I would first like to purchase a baritone ukulele. I learned about it while diving into the world of stringed instruments, and the sonic quality and size fall between a standard guitar and a soprano or concert ukulele. In addition, I'm requesting a Zoom recorder and a Gimble for iPhone.

Mary Hall

Building an Actor’s Presence & Professionalism

As I continue to market myself as an actor and playwright, in addition to beginning to look at applying to MFA programs in the next year, I’m beginning to understand the importance of having all of my best work in a publicly available forum: a personal website.

Jolinna Li

Sound and Editing Equipment for Narrative Film Projects

For my cinematography class final project, I have written a script and will be directing and editing a 10 minute narrative short film this semester. The film is based on both the myth of Persephone and a Taiwanese folktale, retold in a feminist lens. In order to create film projects like this, I need to be able to store all of the footage and process up to 4k footage.

Emily Liu

Eclosion - Advanced Project in New Media

Through an independent study in New Media with Professor Cuatlacuatl, I am exploring new forms in New Media through technology, installation, and complete audience immersion. The culmination of this independent study will be an installation exhibition in Ruffin Hall either in mid April or early May. With the funding provided from this grant, I will be able to fully execute my concept into fruition without worrying about the expenses accrued during the creation process.

Grace Sellers

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

I am asking for $500 to pay for a two year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. This will allowme access to photo editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom. I am currently enrolled in ARTS 2112 which covers digital photography. We are able to use Adobe Creative Cloud on the UVA computers in the digital photography studio at Ruffin Hall, however we do not have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud through personal computers. This means that we are limited to completing our work only at Ruffin Hall. With access to the Adobe Creative Cloud on my personal computer, I will be able to practice and improve my photo editing skills, and continue to do so after the semester has ended. The skills I will learn with Photoshop and Lightroom will be marketable towards many graphic design jobs, allowing me access to more career opportunities.

Amanda Yo

Funding a Personal Recording Device

I would like to request funding for my own Tascam recorder in order to record audition material on my own time. With my own recording device, I will be able to better evaluate my own playing for the purpose of auditioning, as well as my own improvement or with a chamber group. When I am playing my flute, my thoughts on how the piece was done differ from how others may receive it, or even when I listen back to the recording later on. Having a good quality recording device allows my improvement and perception of my playing to be well understood and well rounded.

Fall 2023

Todd Benson

Exploring Memory in Figurative Painting

I am applying for funding for oil painting and other supplies so that I continue my personal exploration of themes memory in figurative painting.

Jesper Braley

Lightbox Expo Convention: Preparing for a career in the animation industry

Project funds from this minigrant would help support a trip to Lightbox Expo, a networking convention for artists in Pasadena, California.

Alex Burijon

A Tenor’s Texture

Thus, I humbly request funding from the Miller Arts Scholars in order to fund vocal lessons this semester. Lessons at this juncture will be critical in order to ensure that I maintain healthy habits as my physical instrument changes.

Tyler Burkhardt

Stereo Microphone Setup

Over the summer, I made it my goal to write a solo acoustic album, and I immediately got to work, spending many hours each day writing and creating new music. However, I do not have any of the equipment required to replicate the recording setups we have been doing, and a huge part of the acoustic guitar sound revolves around a stereo mic setup.

Hunter Colson

Spectrasonics Keyscape and NotePerformer 4

I researched current music software and consulted with faculty mentors to identify the software in this request that is capable of producing professional sounding music while providing the highest return on investment.

Zoe Edelman

Developing and Maintaining an Online Portfolio

Through these two requested subscriptions, I believe I can format a professional digital portfolio that will help me obtain an internship, and later a full-time job. I will be able to take this time to grow and learn from the research I put into the website and create a presence that will benefit me for years to come.

Rachel Guo

Interdisciplinary Art Materials and Website

What is an artist without an audience? This is the question that, at its core, I’ve been thinking about for the past two years. My writing grew up on competitions. The subject and style that I used to write had been heavily influenced by the nature of the audience reading it.

Mary Hall

The Auditioner’s Toolkit

As I begin to prepare for my career as an actor, at UVa and beyond, I’ve found that my tools to prepare for and record auditions have simply been lacking as compared to my peers. While I’ve been able to make due with what I have so far, I’d like to put my best foot forward when it comes to future auditions by updating my repertoire with new tools that will aid in my professional development and overall preparedness.

Emily Hunter

Distinguished Music Major Recital - Piano Accompaniment Costs

In my upcoming DMP recital, I am performing French repertoire: Sonatine by Henri Dutilleux, Les folies d’espagna by Marin Marais, Piece Romantique for flute, cello, and piano by Philippe Gaubert, Concertino by Cécile Chaminade, Syrinx by Claude Debussy, and Le Merle Noir by Olivier Messiaen.

Abby Kim

Funding for a New Viola Bow

To continue my improvement in learning the viola, I am requesting a minigrant to buy a better quality bow, which will in turn enhance my playing.

Meg Kosefeski

Bringing The Digital Lab Home With Me

I am applying for this mini grant in order to help cover the cost of purchasing the 2022 model iPad Pro with an 11 inch display, which can help me bring the digital lab home with me in my backpack.

Hyebin Lee

Portraits with Prime Lens

I would like to request this minigrant to purchase an 85mm lens. This investment will help me hone my photography skills and is essential for my �lm career. For my outcome report, I will attach a few portraits taken with the 85mm lens.

Jolinna Li

Preserving Family Artifacts through Film

As a student majoring in Studio Art and concentrating in Cinematography, I primarily work with time-based mediums. I want to expand my expertise to cover photography as well, to work on my skills and practice when it comes to composition.

Cassie Lipton

Final Recital Preparations

My Distinguished Major Program/ Performance Concentration recital will take place on March 29th, 2024, so over the summer and especially as the fall semester has begun, I have been kicking my preparation efforts into high gear, putting in more practice time with more of a focus on maximum results.

Grace Sellers

Delving into Film Photography

I am requesting $500 to purchase a film camera, photographic paper, and film. With these materials, I would be able to learn more about film photography and how it relates to my printmaking practice.