Artist Minigrants

Participants of the Miller Arts Scholars actively engaged in the College of Arts and Sciences, either through majoring or minoring in the college or through ongoing and measurable coursework within an artistic discipline in the college are eligible for two Artist Minigrants per academic year.  Grants will be determined based on need, quality of application, and level of participation in the program.  

Our faculty advisory committee favors applicants engaging in the arts in a meaningful way in our departments with our faculty, through extra-curricular activities, and with Miller Arts Scholars in seminar, discussion, and other meetings. In addition, the committee only considers proposals that are clear, articulate, well-written and include all the required materials below (see rubric.)


Arts Scholars may request up to $500 to support fees related to attending workshops, field work, and purchase of consumable supplies, educational materials, and promotional materials. 


All Arts Scholars except those conducting their final semester of study are eligible and must meet the following requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Have completed or be currently enrolled in CASS 1010 or CASS 1011 (requirement waived for Arts Scholars admitted to the program during the spring semester of their second year)
  • Maintained a minimum GPA of 3.4 in all arts classes and 3.2 at the University.
  • Previous recipients of Artist Minigrants are not eligible until an outcome statement for prior funding is received.

Important Deadlines

  • Fall Application Deadline: 5PM on Wednesday, September 11.
  • Fall Minigrant Outcome Report Deadline: 60 days from receipt of Minigrant
  • Spring Application Deadline: 5PM on Friday, March 7.
  • Spring Minigrant Outcome Report Deadline: 60 days from receipt of Minigrant

Application Components

APPLICANTS SHOULD READ THE MINIGRANT INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE PROCEEDING. Only applications compliant with the instructions will be considered eligible. Incomplete applications will not receive support.

  • Minigrant Application (Word Form, Complete, Export as PDF) Complete the application in the linked document and include a current resume, project narrative describing the request, and budget. Please read the instructions for properly submitting these documents.

Please submit all application components by the deadlines above to Michael Rasbury.